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Not Interested Renew Now. Please wait The expert team at Pohanka Chevrolet is committed to caring for your vehicle for as long as you own it. Schedule Service. Contact Pohanka Chevrolet or stop by our showroom to experience all that we have to offer. Contact Us. You never need an appointment when you bring your vehicle in for repair and maintenance at Pohanka Chevrolet.

We have state-of-the-art service facilities and our experienced technicians use the latest technologically-advanced diagnostics to maintain and repair your vehicle. Rest assured that we use genuine GM parts for your Chevrolet, and our tire center can keep you on the road by installing the right tires to match your vehicle.

Fairfax Chevrolet customers have been coming to our Chantilly, VA dealership to fulfill all their automotive needs. We provide our Fairfax, Manassas and Loudoun County, VA Chevrolet customers with an outstanding sales experience, as well as a state-of-the-art service facility. Our technicians are ready to help with all your vehicle needs.

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We will help you get your vehicle back on the road quickly. We will help you find the vehicle you are looking for at our dealership. Our customers will not be disappointed by the inventory available at our dealership. You'll love our new lineup.

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With a large selection of makes and models to choose from, and all being tested for your safety and satisfaction, we invite you to come down to our Chantilly Chevrolet dealership and drive away in that perfect car, truck, or SUV. So what are you waiting for?

This synthetic blend oil is a mixture of conventional motor oils and synthetic base stocks. It offers protection against deposit and sludge formation as well as either meeting or exceeding warranty requirements for many light truck and car makers. This blend also provides exceptional anti-wear protection to the critical parts of your engine.

By using a synthetic base stock mixed with a variety of additives, this full synthetic oil boosts the performance of the oil and promotes long engine life. Not only does it offer excellent protection for both hot and cold operating temperatures, but also for extended oil drains, heavy loads and for cars requiring a synthetic motor oil. With most newer vehicles requiring a full synthetic oil in their engines, this is a great option. It also acts as a cooling agent that keeps your engine from overheating. Over time, though, your oil becomes less effective due to exposure to air, heat and moisture, causing it to thicken and become sludge-like.

Without an oil change, your oil is no longer pumping smoothly through your engine, and it cannot battle debris that can put wear and tear on your engine and be costly to repair. Having a regular oil change service can keep your car in tip-top shape and prevent your engine from becoming damaged. The old standard for how often you should receive an oil change was around every 3, miles or every three months. If the vehicle is also equipped with an oil life monitoring system, the car should be brought in when the system notifies the driver that an oil change is needed.

A reminder sticker is also placed on the windshield of your vehicle. Compared to conventional and mineral oil, synthetic oil:. The oil acts as a barrier between the components of your engine. Synthetic oils retain their wear protection properties much longer, which as a result, increases your engine life.

Synthetic oils have fewer impurities in comparison to other oils.

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This allows the oil to oppose the formation of sludge, which prevents deposits from forming in your engine.