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Having the shocks and suspension parts inspected at 40, or 50, miles, then annually after that, is a better idea. A thorough inspection should uncover what parts, if any, actually need replacement.

Why Not to Buy a Cheap Quick Strut Assembly for Your Car

Longer brake distances or abrupt reactions through the steering wheel are changes that also can be caused by worn shocks, though your first inclination might be to blame something else for those problems. But there are plenty of other potential culprits among the suspension system parts and components that could cause ride or handling issues or unusual noises, such as ball joints, tie rods and control arms in bad condition. Have a complete checkup of the entire suspension by a qualified mechanic and repair with replacements as needed for a smoother, safer ride.

However, its basic design has remained unchanged for almost a century. Shocks are basically hydraulic chambers with an internal perforated piston and rod. This sealed chamber can either be hydraulic or pneumatic. Hydraulic chambers are filled with hydraulic fluid, while pneumatic ones are filled with compressed gas.

When a car drives over uneven surfaces, the shock causes the piston to move into the chamber. This movement is dampened by gas or fluid in the chamber. This type of shock absorber is most commonly found in cars, SUVs, vans, and light trucks. As its name suggests, it is made up of two cylinders: an inner cylinder where the piston moves and an outer cylinder which acts as a reservoir for the hydraulic fluid.

The monotube design is comprised of a single cylinder which is divided into sections. The chamber is split into two separate areas that hold gas and fluid.

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The internal piston of monotube shock absorbers is wider than that of a twin-tube. The suspension strut is a damping mechanism basically acts as a shock absorber that provides structural support by carrying the weight of the vehicle. It is mounted inside a coil spring, combining the spring and shock absorber into one component.

How do shock absorbers and suspensions work? - video transcription

This type of strut is connected to the body of the vehicle and the hub carrier. These kits are available individually, but it is recommended to replace them in sets. Unlike tires that make a certain number of rotations based on mileage, your suspension system will go through countless compressions in a single mile. The condition of your shocks and struts affect its ability to absorb vibration and imperfections of the road.

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Having a good kit installed gives a car a smoother ride, and lessens bouncing even when driven over bumps and uneven terrain. Shocks and struts maintain vehicle stability by controlling how weight is shifted between the wheels. This means that the car can brake without the front-end diving onto the pavement.

The springs, shock absorbers, and struts of your suspension work well as a team. So be sure to keep them together with the help of a Strut Assembly. Is driving over small humps or bumps on the road making your car bounce like a hyperactive child overdosed with sugar? Then there might be a problem with your suspension system.

As you know, the suspension system has many parts, and one of those you need to focus on is your strut assembly. But unlike shock absorbers, strut assemblies are made up of more than just one part like the lower and upper spring seat, the isolated top mount usually made from rubber , the coil spring, and the coil spring insulator. Aside from ensuring premium ride quality by keeping your travels as smooth and bounce-free as possible, strut assemblies also keep the different parts of your suspension system aligned and separate from each other.

How Long Should Shock Absorbers Last?

Most cars with strut assemblies have one suspension strut at each wheel. When one of the components in the assembly fails, the entire strut has to be replaced. Common symptoms of a busted strut assembly include excessive auto bouncing and oil leakage. If you experience any of these symptoms, invest in replacement strut assemblies as soon as you can. Is your vehicle too unstable when you drive over bumpy roads? As crucial parts of the suspension system, the shocks and struts must always be in top shape. When damaged, these parts can make your ride uncomfortable and dangerous. The shocks are responsible for absorbing and dissipating the vibrations caused when your vehicle drives over road irregularities.

These suspension parts allow you to enjoy relatively smooth and bump-free driving. The struts, on the other hand, integrate different suspension parts into one compact assembly. The strut assembly performs various tasks. Without the shocks and struts, you might experience a significant loss of vehicle control.

Hence, you need to replace them when damaged.

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Replacing damaged parts as soon as you can also prevents other possible suspension problems. Looking for the best replacement auto parts is never a hard task if you shop at the right store. We stock premium shocks and struts for various makes and models. Check them out here!


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