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Just being constantly barraged by the music. The craziness that is their life. For me, the most interesting moments, the most activating moments, are the moments that are… these small, simple moments which kind of bring back up memories of the past, activities of the past, and actions and thoughts and that thing. Now, does that qualify as an instance of, you know, triggered memory?

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Or potentially run you back through a specific period of time and isolate it? Naw, I think. Because music for me it becomes a soundtrack to my life. You try to force them onto yourself, and it has to be something cool, or it has to be something that your friends listened to, or something like that, right? So when you go back and rediscover the music that is authentically you — And this is decades later, right? I remember watching The Last Dragon when I was like probably four or five years old, right?

But this is like in the 80s. Lupe: It feels strange that that is the preeminent music, probably the most listened to music on my iPhone, iTunes count or whatever it is, that potentially could be the most listened to is this black Kung Fu movie soundtrack. So close to what I do, where I been from, martial arts and all that. It has all these memories of my father, all these memories of doing the martial arts, it speaks to me philosophically. I actually, genuinely listen to the lyrics which may come across as corny, right? Lupe: We was doing karate demonstrations since I was a baby, man.

Lupe: Since I was old enough to walk we was doing some form of martial arts demonstration. Lupe: Doing parades… My martial arts roots go way, way, way, wayyyyy back. If you had to describe him, since I never got to meet him. What he definitely played was the soundtrack for Rocky. It was that [makes horn noises with his mouth].

But he would play the soundtrack. But anyway, he was a fighter, boxer, judo champ, so he knew what fighting was like. Lupe: The music is embedded in the film. The film is driven by the music. Tri-Star Films? I remember I always used to kiss my mama when she used to leave and go to work. I remember I liked my mama, right?

Lupe: Not really. You just existing and absorbing information until you make a decision on what you wanna be. Other than that I was a lil karate kid.

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Father was a military dude, so we was… those are the memories I have: military and karate. Normal life was just like… just normal kid stuff. Lupe: Naw! Because I was so young, the world was extremely small to me. Big things was huge. Our house was huge. I went back and looked at it years later— our house was like normal size.

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Feel me? You can die with some, if not dignity, you can die with some level of acknowledgement… recognition [that] your life in the world has been of value to the world and to the people. He died well. My mama, she just teach me: be intellectual, think through things, and critique things, etc. The outside is a thick layer of chunky peanuts covered in chocolate think Mr. Goodbar , and the inside is a robust, marshmallow-y cherry nougat. The tastes and textures really worked together, and the bright pink cherry filling was fun to eat.

The root beer truly tasted like a candy-version of a refreshing soda. Both flavors were spot-on, and the fact that each piece came individually wrapped was a cute retro touch. Idaho Spud Candy Bar, 1.

Shoutout to Almond Joys! This bar boasts an added element of luxury thanks to its bouncy, cocoa-flavored marshmallow filling. The outer coating was my favorite part, though—the coconut flakes had that classic grainy texture, and the chocolate was so smooooooth! These are endlessly poppable and a treat to eat. Tootsie Midgie Fruit Rolls — Buy an The vanilla flavor: No thank you! It had a strange fruit flavor for the first millisecond, and then took on a bland, nondescript taste that was not for me.

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Chick-O-Sticks, 0. But when I actually took a bite of it…I had to spit it out. Why the heck is it orange!?

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It was altogether a very strange experience, in the end. Not for me! This was my favorite treat in the box! So pretttyyyy!

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  7. This was another great gummy texture. It tasted almost like a Dum-Dum lollipop, minus the stick. My favorite was the adorable lemon cupcake, with the Idaho Spud Bar coming in at a close second! To Wrap Up:. Can you still get this box if you sign up today?

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    They only ship once a month, so place your order before the last day of the current month to receive the next box! Keep Track of Your Subscriptions: Add this box to your subscription list or wishlist! Those chocolate cherry things were called Cherry Mash, I think, when I was young. A loooong time ago. Very similar product though.